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This Prescription Diet is sold under veterinary supervision. Please check with your veterinarian if this diet is suitable for your pet before purchase


This product replaces Hill's® Prescription Diet® Derm Defense™ Canine


Hill's Prescription Diet Derm Complete Rice & Egg Recipe Dry Dog Food provides all the nutrition your dog needs and can be used long-term. Please consult your veterinarian for further information on how our Prescription Diet foods can help your dog to continue to enjoy a happy and active life. This dry food is made with delicious ingredients and has an irresistible taste that dogs love.

Hill's® Prescription Diet® Derm Complete (Small Bites) Environmental Skin & Food

    • Visible skin improvement in 21 days in dogs with food sensitivities
    • Nutrition shown to reduce night scratching & improve sleep quality
    • Supports the skin barrier against environmental irritants- year round
    • S+OXSHIELD: Formulated to promote a urinary environment that reduces the risk of developing struvite & calcium oxalate crystals
    • Single, high quality, intact animal protein to help avoid adverse reactions to food
    • With bioactives and phytonutrients to help normalize immune response
    • Fortified with fatty acids to help support continued skin health
    • Smaller kibble size for smaller breed dogs
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