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This Prescription Diet is sold under veterinary supervision. Please check with your veterinarian if this diet is suitable for your pet before purchase


One out of 3 cats may develop kidney disease in their lifetime. This disease can be difficult to spot in cats, as signs may not be visible until 75% of kidney function is lost. However, the SDMA™ test can detect kidney disease months and even years earlier, when as little as 25% of kidney function is lost.

Kidney disease is more common in advanced age, but with early detection & intervention, kidney disease can be stabilized. If your cat's age is advanced, ask your veterinarian about the SDMA™ test for early detection of kidney disease. Feeding the right nutrition early in the disease can help transform the lives of cats with kidney disease. 

Hill's® Prescription Diet® k/d® Early Support is a food specifically designed to meet the needs of cats with early kidney disease. The nutrition of k/d® Early Support has been clinically shown to sustain kidney function and healthy body condition in cats with kidney disease.

†SDMA trademark is owned by IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. Used by permission

Hill's® Prescription Diet® k/d® Kidney Care Early Support Feline Chicken Dry Cat

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    • Controlled phosphorus & sodium to protect kidney function
    • High-quality protein providing 160% of daily essential amino acid requirements
    • High protein digestibility (greater than 90%)
    • Antioxidants to help defend cells from free radical oxidation, promoting a healthy immune system
    • Omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil to help fight inflammation
    • High level of L-carnitine to support muscle
    • With S+OXSHIELDTM - Formulated to promote a urinary environment that reduces the risk of developing struvite and calcium oxalate crystals
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