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7 Dog-Friendly Cafes in the East Region of Singapore

We love our dogs and enjoy spending time with them. They provide us great companionship and emotional support, that’s why we find it comforting to have them around even when we’re out and about. 

There are so many good reasons why you want to go out with your furry friends. For one thing, it allows you to spend more time with your dogs, which strengthens your bond with them. Taking your pets outside is also a fun and stimulating experience that keeps them mentally and physically active. Plus, it’s an excellent opportunity for them to socialize with other dogs and people, which can help to improve their behavior and overall well-being. And lastly, it can be a great way to have a new experience with your dogs and enjoy it together.

Fortunately, in addition to parks, there are now cafes that welcome and even offer to serve meals to your canine companions. We've compiled a list of 7 of the best dog cafes in the east region of Singapore, so you and your pets can visit them on any season and occasion.

The Bark Cafe 

Head a little way out of Singapore, out east toward the islands, and you’ll find an oasis of calm in the city. The Bark Café on upper Changi Road is the best place to be when you and your pet want to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Featuring a bar and an open-concept kitchen, this dog-friendly restaurant in Singapore provides an outdoor fusion dining experience set in a cozy and comfortable environment. It’s perfect for those nights when you want to unwind with friends and family over signature entrees and drinks.

Built among wood structures and lush greens, your furry friends can happily roam around in nature as you feast on mouth-watering munchies that will have you diving for more, including the café’s famous chicken wings, battered fish and chips, cocktails, and imported beers.

Pet Menu: No

Pet Sitting Area: Alfresco only

Address: 1000 Upper Changi Rd N, Singapore 507707

Phone: +65 8281 2125

Atmosphere Thai Bistro & Bar

Located at East Coast Park Area C, the Atmosphere Thai Bistro & Bar became officially dog-friendly in April 2021. This laid-back bistro by the sea provides a stimulating environment for your pets, and the smell and sights of the sea can be exciting and enriching for their senses.

Carefully curated by Simyee Holdings Group, the bistro’s food menu mixes the best of Thai and Western cuisines. Enjoy light bites such as Lemongrass Popcorn Chicken to heavy plates like their signature dish Thai Style Steamed Seabass. Plus, they also offer kid meals as well as a wide selection of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages for everyone to enjoy.  

With great seaside alfresco scenes, Atmosphere Bistro is the perfect place for you and your dogs to meet old friends and make new ones. 

Pet Menu: No

Pet Sitting Area: Alfresco only

Address: 920 East Coast Parkway, #01-25/26/27, Singapore 449875

Phone: +65 9295 6488

Chock Full of Beans

Here’s another note-worthy dining establishment that opens its doors to pups — the Chock Full of Beans. This café is ideal if you’re looking for a cozy place to chill out with your pets and family. Your fur kids will enjoy the outdoor seating area where they can relax and people-watch as you feast on a wide variety of food choices ranging from pasta, sandwiches, cakes, desserts, and coffee.

A visit to this dog café in Singapore wouldn’t be complete without trying their signature 3D latte art too. Some of these edible arts, ranging from the iconic Pokemon to Studio Ghibli characters, have even made their way onto social media, and both kids and kids-at-hearts loved them.

Pet Menu: No

Pet Sitting Area: Alfresco only

Address: 4 Changi Village Rd, #01-2090, Singapore 500004

Phone: +65 6214 8839

The Coastal Settlement

If you’re looking for a good place for a hearty brunch, The Coastal Settlement is a must-try. Tucked away in the lovely secluded space along Netheravon Road, this dog café in Singapore welcomes you and your furry friends to a spacious outdoor sitting area with a Kampong-like atmosphere. You and your pets can enjoy breathtaking views of lush trees, shrubs, and green fields. You can even take a peek at the sea and chance upon a cruise ship sailing by while dining.

If you’re more of an indoor person, the restaurant’s interior is as spacious as the outdoor sitting area and decorated with the things of the past. Filled with retro memorabilia, paintings, vintage vehicles, nostalgic gadgets, and antique furniture, you can take a moment to relax and reminisce about the old days gone by over coffee and desserts.

The Coastal Settlement’s brunch menu is a good mix of East meets West. Brushing shoulders on the menu are dishes synonymous with Singapore and Malaysia such as the Char Kway Teow and Nasi Lemak. And the good old Western comfort food like burgers and fries are paired with refreshing beverages such as creamy milkshakes and mocktails.

Pet Menu: No

Pet Sitting Area: Alfresco only

Address: 200 Netheravon Road, Singapore 508529

Phone: +65 6475 0200

Hub & Spoke Café

Hidden away in the corner of the Changi Airport is the Hub & Spoke Café. This idyllic glasshouse café is a relaxing spot flaunting a scenic green lawn. With elegant decor and tall ceiling-height glass windows allowing plenty of natural sunlight to flood the space, Hub & Spoke Cafe almost makes you feel like you’re out of the city.

If you love local and western dishes, this dog-friendly restaurant in Singapore serves both in a colonial-themed setting. And their alfresco dining area allows you and your pets to enjoy a meal under a shaded canopy.

Apart from classic breakfast options ranging from eggs benedict to kaya toasts, the cafe serves familiar favorites such as pasta and sandwiches, and laksa and nasi lemak as mains. Those looking for a sweet treat or just want to relax can choose from a range of bubble teas, milk teas, as well as alcoholic beverages, on top of a wide range of local cold and hot drinks.

Pet Menu: No

Pet Sitting Area: Alfresco only

Address: 60 Airport Boulevard #01-T2S-02, Singapore Changi Airport, 819643

Phone: +65 9894 2859

The Garden Slug

The Garden Slug is the perfect place to take your family, friends, and furry friends to grab a delicious meal. Situated in the tranquil, suburban east-side neighborhood of Telok Kurau, The Garden Slug was one of the few pioneers of the first wave café scene. And it’s set out to bring to the Singapore food scene the kind of dining experience we'd always wanted - hearty and rustic food with big portions. 

Everything is made fresh, by hand, from scratch. And their menu has a well-balanced selection of healthy eats and more indulgent ones, from their signature Smoked Salmon Salad to the Dynamic Duo of potato plus sweet potato fries in secret signature garmesan (garlic and parmesan cheese) seasoning. Apart from sharing a family-style meal, you can also meet friends for happy hour, host a private event, or sit in a quiet corner with a good book. It's always relaxed and casual in this pet-friendly hideaway.

In addition, the café also lets you pre-order your pup’s Barkday Cake or Cupcake for the next special occasion like your dog’s birthday. These delectable treats can be consumed in-house or delivered to your home.

Pet Menu: Cakes and cupcakes only

Pet Sitting Area: Alfresco only

Address: 55 Lorong L Telok Kurau, #01-59/61 Bright Centre, Singapore 425500

Phone: +65 8895 9059

Cafe de Nicole’s Flower

Nothing invigorates better than food and flowers. And with Café De Nicole’s Flower, you can enjoy both at the same time. Stepping into this 45-seater café, you’ll be greeted by a lush interior filled with fresh, vibrant flowers and the delectable aroma of hot tea and souffle pancakes.  Acting as a florist shop, an event space, a workshop venue, and even an animal playground, your pets are most welcome inside as long as they’re well-behaved and friendly. 

There are multiple Instagram-worthy corners in this garden-themed café which can serve as a beautiful backdrop for you and your pets. So make sure to bring your monopod so you can snap good photos of you and your pups.

Featuring an all-day breakfast menu, Café De Nicole’s Flower will entice and whet your appetite when you grew hungry after all those snapping and exploring. From signature specialties like the Annyeong Baby Octopus to healthy munchies such as Cheesy Toast with Tomato Basil, they have plenty to offer that will satisfy your taste buds. End your meal on a sweet note with souffle pancakes and waffles, or take your pick from their wide selection of teas.

Pet Menu: No

Pet Sitting Area: Allowed indoors 

Address: 224 Telok Kurau Rd, #01-01 Singapore 423836

Phone: +65 83388511

Do’s and Don’ts When Visiting Dog Cafes in Singapore

While it’s good that there are now restaurants that cater to both pet parents and their canine companions, there’s nothing more frustrating than irresponsible dog owners who let their dogs run wild or fail to clean up after them. If you're going to a dog cafe, keep the following in mind:


  • Make reservations ahead of time. It is important to check in advance if the cafe allows dogs, especially if you're traveling to a new place. After all, menus and policies do change over time, and some establishments have limits on the number of pets that they can accommodate at any point. Some cafes have specific areas or seating arrangements designated for pets too, and others might only allow them on the patio or outdoor seating areas.

  • Keep your dog on a leash at all times and make sure that they are well-behaved and trained. This will ensure that they don't wander around the restaurant and that they don't disrupt other customers. It's also important to keep your dog under control in case of any emergency or any other unexpected situation.

  • Bring water and a bowl for your dog to drink from. Dogs can get dehydrated quickly, so it's important to have fresh water available for them to drink at all times. It's also a good idea to bring a portable water bowl so that you can offer your dog water easily.

  • Clean up after your dog if they make a mess. This is important to maintain a clean and hygienic environment for both customers and staff. It's also a way of showing respect and consideration to others.

  • Be mindful of other customers. Make sure that your dog is not disrupting their dining experience. Make sure that your dog is not barking, growling, or jumping on other customers. You should also be aware of other customers that might have allergies or a fear of dogs.


  • Don't bring dogs to a restaurant that is not pet-friendly. This will not only make the staff and other customers uncomfortable, but it can also get you and your dog asked to leave.

  • Don't allow your dogs to jump on or bark at other customers. This can be disruptive and can make other customers uncomfortable.

  • Don't bring your dogs to a cafe if they are not well-behaved or are prone to aggressive behavior. This can create a dangerous situation for both your dogs and other customers.

  • Don't feed your dogs table scraps and stick to their regular diet. Giving your dogs table scraps can disrupt their diet and may cause health issues. It is also not appropriate to share your food with your dogs in a public place.

Overall, it is important to be respectful and considerate of other customers and to make sure that your dogs are well-behaved. It is also important to be mindful of the restaurant's rules and regulations regarding pets to ensure a pleasant and safe experience for everyone.

For more pet care tips and guides, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Pawkit connects Singapore pet owners to a variety of pet-related resources and services. Get everything you need in one place, from the latest pet care tips to your pet’s details and medical history, as well as a directory of on-demand pet services in your area, such as veterinarians, groomers, and daycare.

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