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9 Pet Cremation Services in Singapore

As we become immersed in our daily routines and become more accustomed to the constant presence of our pets, it's simple to overlook the fact that their time on Earth is significantly shorter than ours. For many, the loss of a pet is a remote consideration, leading to a sense of urgency when the inevitable moment arrives.

Given the absence of animal burial sites in Singapore, cremation stands as the sole alternative. Consequently, we've compiled a roster of 9 columbariums in Singapore where you can preserve your pet's remains after their passing.

1. The Green Mortician Flameless Pet Cremation

The Green Mortician offers pet cremation services utilizing the aqua cremation method, also known as Aquamation or Water Cremation. This water-based reductive/dissolution process serves as an environmentally friendly alternative to flame cremation, an oxidative process. What typically takes Mother Nature months and years to accomplish is condensed into a 24-hour timeframe through this innovative process.

The Green Mortician aspires to be a company driven by pet enthusiasts, catering to the needs of fellow pet lovers. Recognizing the significance of environmental responsibility in today's world, they believe it plays a crucial role in honoring pets and safeguarding the flourishing life on this planet. The company's commitment is evident in its careful attention to local needs, customs, and the environment, demonstrating a dedicated and sensitive service for all pet parents in Singapore.

Address: 21 Toh Guan Road East, Toh Guan Centre, Singapore 608609

Phone: 8866 7374



Cremation & Funeral Service Packages

Eco-mini (micro/mini pets)

$477 / nett

Eco (all pets)

$877-$1077 / nett

Standard (all pets < 20kg)

$1177 / nett

Large (all pets > 20kg)

$1377 / nett

Cremation Only Packages

Cremation only (micro pets)

$277 / nett

Cremation only (all pets < 20kg)

$577 / nett

Cremation only (all pets > 20kg)

$777 / nett

2. Pets Afterlife Singapore - Pet Cremation Service and Urns

Pets Afterlife is dedicated to providing respectful and distinguished afterlife services for beloved pets. They comprehend the profound connection between pets and their owners, and their mission is to assist pet owners during the challenging time of losing a cherished companion.

Pets Afterlife also offers services like individual cremation for small pets, along with urns in various shapes such as bunny, dog, and necklaces with a variety of color choices. They strive to deliver compassionate care, exceptional quality, and personalized service, ensuring that every pet's remains are handled with the utmost respect and dignity.

Address: 18 Kaki Bukit Road 3, #04-09 S415978, Lift 09

Phone: 8908 7873



Blissful Package

Request for quote

Eternal Package

Request for quote

3. Precious Lifetime Memories Ash Keepsake & Pet Cremation

Precious Lifetime Memories offers both private and communal cremation services, catering to a diverse range of pets in terms of species and size. Their pet cremation options encompass various service categories, accommodating medium-sized breeds like Beagle, Border Collie, Bull Terrier, French Bulldog, and Singapore Special, with weights ranging from 10kg to 20kg. Additionally, they provide specialized cremation services for smaller animals such as Bunny, Chinchilla, and Tortoise under the small animals cremation category. For pocket-sized companions like Gerbils, Hamsters, and Small Birds, their pocket animals cremation service ensures a respectful and tailored farewell.

Address: 269 Yishun Street 22, Singapore 760267

Phone: -



HDB Approved Breed Cat & Dog Pet Cremation Service

$188.00 – $408.00

Pets Cremation Service – Medium Size Breed

$268.00 – $508.00

Pet Cremation Singapore – Small Animals Cremation Service

$128.00 – $228.00

Pet Cremation Singapore – Pocket Animals Cremation Service

$108.00 – $188.00

4. Mandai Pets Sanctuary

Established in 1987 by Dr. Tan Hwa Luck, Mandai Pets Sanctuary stands as Singapore’s inaugural and enduring pet crematorium and columbarium. Pioneering pet cremation services officially recognized and sanctioned by NEA, they set the standard in the industry.

Nestled within the verdant foliage of Singapore's Mandai region, this facility exudes tranquility. Furthermore, the customer service team is renowned for their patience and professionalism in pet handling, earning numerous positive reviews on their social media platforms. Operating around the clock, the customer service hotline ensures owners receive the necessary assistance promptly.

Mandai Pets Sanctuary provides a range of cremation options, including private, individual, and communal services, tailored to meet diverse needs and preferences. Additionally, an on-site pet columbarium offers a dignified and serene final resting place for cherished animal companions.

Address: No. 5 Mandai Road, Singapore 779391

Phone: 6456 0533 / 9616 3449 / 9326 2268 (after 5 p.m.)



Private cremation

$160 - $695+

Partitioned (individual) cremation

$53.50 - $374.50

Communal cremation

$21.40 - $428

Columbarium storage (per space)

First 2 years

Regular: $200

Large: $300

Subsequent years

Regular: $200/year

Large: $300/year

5. Rainbow Paradise Pet Cremation

Rainbow Paradise Pet Cremation is affiliated with the Mutts & Mittens Group, a pet boarding center dedicated to contributing its earnings to support animals in distress. Committed to the belief that every pet deserves respect and a dignified farewell, Rainbow Paradise exclusively offers individual cremation services, with pricing determined by your pet's size. They are dedicated to ensuring the meticulous and compassionate care of your cherished companion throughout the process.

Address: 81 Sungei Tengah Road, Singapore 699005

Phone: 8862 7922

Size of pet


Mini sized pets


Small sized pets


Toy breeds


Medium breeds (10-20kg)


Large breeds (20-30kg)


X-Large breeds (31-40kg)


Huge breeds (>40kg)



$38 & above

Memorial pendant & necklace set


*all prices are GST inclusive

6. Sanctuary Pet Cremation

Sanctuary Pet Cremation is committed to providing a comforting space for saying goodbye to your beloved pets. Whether the ceremony takes place in the afternoon, evening, or at sunset, the awe-inspiring surroundings of the facilities will offer solace. Each session lasts a minimum of 1.5 to 2.5 hours, depending on the size of your pet. Additionally, they offer a garden columbarium, sea ash scattering services, and provide pet caskets.

Address: 10 Neo Tiew Lane 2, Plot B & C, Singapore 718813

Phone: 96330991



Private pet cremation


Companion pet cremation


Pet celebrant service

Request for quote

Pet columbarium

Request for quote

Sea ash scattering

Request for quote

Home visit euthanasia

Request for quote

Photography & videography

Request for quote

7. Paws To Heaven

Apart from cremation services, Paws to Heaven also provides the option for pet owners to transform their pets' ashes into jewelry or decorative items like pendants and tealight holders. Pet owners can also select from a range of urn designs to store their beloved pet's ashes. Numerous favorable reviews on their Facebook page highlight the prompt responsiveness and professionalism of the service.

Address: 81 Sungei Tengah Road, Singapore 699005

Phone: 8719 9991 / 9109 1060



Serenity package (Private Cremation)


Dignity package (Private Cremation)


Rainbow package (Private Cremation)


Individual cremation


Communal cremation


8. Pet Cremators SG

Pet Cremators SG provides a range of inclusive memorial services and cremation options for your beloved pet. Emphasizing the belief that pets deserve the same treatment as family members, they ensure compassionate and attentive treatment. They create a secure environment for pet owners to pay tribute to their passed pets, allowing them to bid farewell and find solace for a sense of closure. Additionally, the organization actively contributes to charitable initiatives benefiting adopted animals.

Address: 15 Seletar West Farmway 1, Singapore 798123

Phone: 8499 1449



Private cremation

Request for quote

Individual cremation

Request for quote

Communal cremation

Request for quote

Memorial & Keepsakes

Request for quote

*The cost of cremation depends on what type of cremation you choose for your pet, your pet’s weight etc.

9. Mobile Pet Cremation Services

Mobile Pet Cremation Services was founded in December 2006, offering both individual and shared cremation for all types of pets. The process typically lasts around 4 hours, and the pricing depends on your pet's size and the chosen cremation method. On top of that, they provide columbarium niches and sea scatter services. They are also available 24/7 to promptly assist pet owners.

Address: The Animal Lodge, 59 Sungei Tengah Road, Blk W #01-58, Singapore 699014

Phone: 9455 6355



Common cremation

Request for quote

Private cremation

Request for quote

Columbarium niche

Request for quote

Sea scatter

Request for quote

In conclusion, pet cremation services in Singapore offer compassionate and dignified solutions for pet owners facing the difficult task of saying goodbye to their beloved companions. These facilities provide a respectful and personalized approach to pet aftercare, ensuring a thoughtful and serene farewell for cherished pets. With a commitment to professionalism and empathy, pet cremation places in Singapore strive to support grieving pet owners during their challenging moments, providing a lasting and meaningful way to remember and honor the memories of their furry friends.

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