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Suitable for pets after surgery, prevent pet from licking and scratching the wound.

This item comes into close contact with pet skin, no exchanges or returns are accepted after it has been tried. Please carefully consider before placing an order. Consult with a vet if you are unsure about the size; this collar is of standard size.

Pet collar surgery recovery E-collar Elizabeth Plastic

  • Size: neck perimeter/ depth

    • No. 1: 42-46/28 cm large dog
    • No. 2: 38-43/20cm large dog
    • No. 2+: 35-40cm/18cm large dog
    • No. 3: 33-36/13cm medium dog
    • No. 4: 26-33/12.5cm medium dog
    • No. 5: 23-27/12.5cm cat around 5kg and dog
    • No. 6: 18-22/11cm cat and small dog
    • No. 7: 15-18/8cm kitten
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